Advantages of Compound gravity cleaner

Working principle:
After the original material is fed, it is firstly processed by the specific gravity table, and the primary selection of the material is carried out. The specific gravity table and the negative pressure suction hood can fully remove the dust, chaff, straw, and a small amount of seeds in the material; after that, the material inflow has a higher. The secondary specific gravity table with sorting accuracy can remove other light impurities such as seeds, sprouts, insect-eaten grains, moldy grains, etc. in the material; the light impurities discharged from the double specific gravity table flow into the small vibrating grading screen, which can remove the Shafts or straw are separated from small grains and broken grains; light impurities such as dust and chaff shells collected by the suction hood are processed and separated by a double-screw dust collector and a star-shaped dust discharge valve to purify the ambient air; the finished product is discharged from the secondary specific gravity table, and transferred Into the next process.
Product advantages:
1. Large output: the ultra-wide specific gravity table can screen raw grains up to 30 tons per hour
2. High clarity: positive and negative pressure double ratio greatly improves the screening clarity, mildew ≤ 2%
3. Dust removal and environmental protection: fully enclosed structure, double dust removal system, maximum air purification
4. Good stability: the core components adopt shock absorbing modules imported from Europe to ensure the stability of the equipment
5. Energy saving and consumption reduction: integrating the functions of air separation, specific gravity separation, and light miscellaneous separation
Applicable materials:
This product is a large-scale re-selection equipment, which integrates the functions of air separation, specific gravity separation, light impurity separation, etc. grains, insect-eaten grains, moldy grains and other light impurities.

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Post time: Mar-06-2023