Color sorter & beans color sorting machine

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Capacity : 500kg – 5Tons per hour
Certification: SGS, CE, SONCAP
Supply Ability: 50 sets per month
Delivery period: 10-15 working days
As an intelligent machine, can detect and remove mildewy rice, white rice,broken rice and foreign matters like glass in the raw material and classify rice based on the color .

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It used on the rice and paddy , beans and pulses , wheat , corn, sesame seeds and coffee beans and others.

Coffee beans
chia seeds

Vibration feeding device-vibrator

Feeding vibration mechanism, the selected material is vibrated and conveyed to the pass through the hopper road. The control system controls the large amount of vibration of the vibrator through pulse width adjustment Small, in order to achieve the adjustment of the flow of the whole machine


Unloading chute device-channel

The aisle where the material accelerates down to ensure that the material entering the sorting room is separated The cloth is uniform and the speed is consistent, so as to ensure the color selection effect.


Optical system-sorting room

Material collection and sorting device, light source, background adjustment device, CCD
It is composed of camera device, observation and sampling window, and dust removal device.

sorting room

Nozzle system-spray valve

When the system recognizes a certain material as a defective product, the spray valve ejects gas to eliminate The material. The picture below shows the nozzles that are easily visible on the machine.


Control device-electrical control box

This department The system is responsible for automatically collecting, amplifying, and processing photoelectric signals, and sending out commands to drive the spray valve through the control part to spray out compression Air blows out the rejects, completes the color selection function, and achieves the purpose of selection

Control device

Gas system

Located on the left and right sides of the machine, it provides high cleanliness of compressed air to the whole machine.

Air valve
Air valve left

Whole Structure of the Machine

After the materials enter the color sorter from the top, the first color sorting is carried out. The qualified materials are the finished products. The selected reject materials are sent to the secondary color selection channel by the user through the lifting device for secondary color selection.The materials and qualified materials of the secondary color sorting directly enter the raw materials or return to the first through the lifting device prepared by the user . The secondary sorting is carried out for the second color sorting, and the rejected materials of the second color sorting are waste products. The process of the third color sorting is similar

Color sorter Working flow chat

Color sorter Working flow chat

The whole system

 The whole system

Details showing

true color CCD image grabbing system

true color CCD image grabbing system


 High-Quality Solenoid Valve


Best Cpu For Whole System


 LED  Light

Technical specifications


Ejectors (pcs)

Chutes (pcs)

Power (Kw)


Air Pressure


Air Consumption



Dimension (L*W*H,mm)

C1 64 1 0.8


0.6~0.8 < 1 240 975*1550*1400
C2 128 2 1.1


0.6~0.8 < 1.8 500 1240*1705*1828
C3 192 3 1.4


0.6~0.8 <2.5 800 1555*1707*1828
C4 256 4 1.8


0.6~0.8 <3.0 1000 1869*1707*1828
C5 320 5 2.2


0.6~0.8 <3.5 1 100 2184*1707*1828
C6 384 6 2.8


0.6~0.8 <4.0 1350 2500*1707*1828
C7 448 7 3.2


0.6~0.8 <5.0 1350 2814*1707*1828
C8 512 8 3.7


0.6~0.8 <6.0 1500 3129*1707*1828
C9 640 10 4.2


0.6~0.8 <7.0 1750 3759*1710*1828
C10 768 12 4.8


0.6~0.8 <8.0 1900 4389*1710*1828

Questions from clients

Why we need the color sorter machine ?
Now that the cleaning requirements are getting higher and higher, more and more color sorters are applied to the sesame and beans processing plant, especially the coffee bean processing plant and rice processing plant . The color sorter can effectively remove the different color material in the final coffee beans to improve purity .

After the processing with color sorter the purity can reach 99.99% . So that it can make your grains and rice and coffee beans more valuable.

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