Beans polisher kidney polishing machine

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Capacity : 5-10 Tons per hour
Certification: SGS, CE, SONCAP
Supply Ability: 50 sets per month
Delivery period: 10-15 working days
Function : The polishing machine it will remove the surface dust from the beans surface and mungs beans surface, make the beans more shining.

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The Beans polishing machine it can remove all the surface dust for the all kinds of beans  like mung beans, soya beans, and kidney beans.

Due to the collecting the beans from the farm, there always are dust in the surface of the beans, so we need polishing to remove all the dust from surface of beans, to keep the bean clean and shinny, so that can improve the value of the beans, For our beans polishing machine and kidney polisher, there is big advantage for our polishing machine, As we known when the polishing machine working, always there some good beans will be broken by the polisher, so Our design it is for reduce the broken rates when the machine running, The broken rates can not over 0.05%.
It is suitable for various beans, it named as beans polisher, mung beans polisher, kidney beans polisher, rice polisher, and soya beans polisher.

Base on safe, easy to use, high efficiency and simple structure, this machine used and accepted by farmers around the world.

Cleaning result

Before polishing

Before polishing

After polishing

 After polishing

Whole Structure of the Machine

The beans polisher it consist of bucket elevator, dust collector, fan, Japan bearing, sieves, brand motors, Frequency converter.
Low speed no broken slope elevator: Loading grains and mung beans and beans to the polishing machine without any broken.
Stainless steel surface : Used for food processing.
Frequency converter :Adjusting the frequency for adjusting the speed of the beans and mung beans, and rice.



● Japan bearing
● Stainless steel sieves
● Sand blasting appearance protecting from rusting and water
● The key components are 304 stainless steel structure, which used for food grade cleaning.
● It is equipped with the most advanced frequency converter.  It is can adjust the polishing speed, The friction of pure cotton canvas can remove the dust in all kinds of bean’s surface and polishing the materials.
● The key components like bearing, mesh grid, material affect the working accuracy and polishing brightness.
● A set of white canvas, as wearing part, is advised to purchase.

Details showing

cotton canvas

Cotton canvas 

Brand motor

 BBA Motor   

Frequency converter

 frequency converter

Technical specifications



Capacity (T/H)






Polishing machine






380V 50HZ






380V 50HZ






380V 50HZ

Questions from clients

How we do the maintenance for the beans polisher & polishing machine ?
First we for the polishing machine working principle, Through the rotation of the shaft, the mung bean or beans moved forward in the equipment, and then the dust on the surface of the bean are wiped by the friction between the bean and the cotton cloth to achieve a polishing effect.
So when we do the maintenance, there are three point need to check out.
No 1: the Cotton canvas when it dirty we can take off and clean the cotton canvas
No2: Check whether the bearings are concentric, so that to keep running Smooth
No3:Fill the bearing with lubricating oil in time to make the bearing run at high speed
Those are normally checking, Once you are question about the beans polishing machine &beans polisher &kidney polisher, Please contact us Asap.

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