Air screen cleaner with gravity table dust collect system

In two years ago,there is one customer was engaged in the soybean exporting business, but our government customs told him that his soybeans did not reach the customs exporting requirements, so he need to use soybean cleaning equipment to improve his soya bean purity . He found many manufacturers, but he always worried the cleaning machine quality.  Until he come to us. We analyzed the purity of soybeans according to his requirements and found that there were a lot of deflated and broken beans in the raw beans.So we suggested he use the air screen cleaner with gravity table to solve his problem, and then he said that they had a problem with the environment of the warehouse. so we designed the dust collecting system for air screen cleaner .

Right now he is really Satisfied with our cleaning machine , and The capacity it is 7Tons per hour for processing soya beans ,meanwhile he is cleaning groundnuts and mungs beans as well , and In this year we have new contracts with him for purchase 3 sets more cleaning for his business . To reach 200 Tons per day .

Air screen cleaner with gravity table

(Air screen cleaner with gravity table and Dust collector system)

How the air screen cleaner with gravity table can clean the soya beans and mung beans ?

It consists of low speed Bucket Elevator, Vertical Screen,Front Screen box , Gravity Table and Back

Half Screen ,and grading machine

low speed Bucket Elevator : It will load the sesame to the double air screen cleaner for cleaning

The vertical air screen : It can remove light impurities such as dust , leaves , some sticks

Front Screen box : It can remove small impurity .

Gravity table : It can remove some light impurities such as sticks , shells , insect bitten seeds .

Back Half Screen: It remove bigger and smaller impurities again .

Grading machine : It can remove the smaller impurities and larger impurities by different size sieves, All the sieves made by Stainless steel for the good-grading use . and the sesame can be classified into big, medium and small size with different layers of sieves. This machine can separate the stone different size with sesame

So Air Screen Cleaner With Gravity Table it can remove dust , leaves ,light impurities such as sticks , shells , insect bitten seeds ,and remove bigger and smaller impurities from the Groundnuts and beans and sesame and other grains .

We will offer our best quality machine for supporting your business ,We know If we make your business great then you will come again .

Post time: Nov-29-2021