Continue Introduce one completely beans processing plant .

In last news , we talked about the completely beans processing plant function and composition . Including Seeds cleaner ,seeds destoner , seeds gravity separator , seeds grading machine ,beans polishing machine ,seeds color sorter machine ,auto packing machine ,Dust collector and control cabinet control whole plant .

Magnetic separator for removing the clods , It is to separate clods from grain. When materials pour in a closed strong magnetic field, they will form a stable parabolic movement. Due to the different strength of attraction of the magnetic field, clods and grains will be separated.

Gravity separator for removing the bad beans and injured beans from the raw material , it can remove blighted seed budding seed, damaged seed,injured seed, rotten seed, deteriorated seed, moldy seed, non-viable seed, seed with black powder sick and seed with shell from grain or seed .

Grading machine for separator different size of grains and beans , and Vibration Grader for removing the the big & small impurities or separate different size for grains and oils seeds & pulses it has 4 layer of sieves . it can remove the big & small impurities or separate the seeds to different sizes .

Beans polishing machine it is to polish beans or grains to make them shiny and good appearance .like soya beans polishing machine , kidney beans polishing machine ,mung polishing machine ,

Color sorter it provides the complete and various sorting options to the coffee industry, from single pass to double pass, from dry sorting to wet sorting, from single scanning to double scanning.

Auto packing machine it can pack the material from 10kg-100kg per bag , it is very useful in the food processing area , It can pack beans , sesame , and rice and maize and so on , also it can make the power packing .

Dust collector for every machine ,it can remove all the dust when the machine working . so that make sure a very clean warehouse .

Control cabinet it can operate the whole processing plant very easy . so that to come true high-tech processing plant.

We do have sesame processing plant , beans processing plant , rice processing plant , coffee beans processing plant and grains processing plant over 10 years experience. Welcome to inquiry us . 

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Post time: Jan-10-2022