Double air screen cleaner for cleaning sesame

Why choose our cleaning equipment to clean sesame ?

We have our own R&D team, we are dedicated to designing and improving our own products on the performance and function of the products

Double air screen cleaner very suitable for cleaning sesame and sunflowers and chia seed , Because it can remove the dust  leaves and light impurities very well. The double air screen cleaner can clean light impurities and foreign objects by vertical air screen ,Then vibrating box can remove big and small impurities and foreign objects. Meanwhile the material can be separate into big, medium and small size when though different size sieves. This machine can remove stones also, The secondary air screen can remove dust from final products again for improve the sesame purity .

For Tanzania, there are many sesame exporters. Before exporting sesame seeds, they all need to go through our cleaning screen to meet the export requirements.

Our cleaning equipment can remove dust, small impurity, large impurities, and clear all impurities in sesame, and get sesame with high purity, so as to increase the price of sesame

From the following aspects, customers can understand our products more clearly. The first is quality. The warranty of our products is two years, and our equipment will be equipped with enough accessories to provide customers with good after-sales support.

Second, it will be easy to install our equipment, because we are all shipping the whole machine during the transportation process.

Third, after sale our equipment supports 24 hours after sale support 

Our production time only it is 15 days

Sesame cleaner 1 Sesame cleaner 2 Sesame cleaner 3 Soya bean cleaner 2 soya bean cleaner

Post time: Jun-27-2022