How to clean the sesame by double air screen cleaner ? To get 99.9% purity sesame

As we know when the famers collecting the sesame from the filed , The raw sesame will be very dirty , Including the big and small impurities , dust , leaves ,stones and so on , you can check the raw sesame and cleaned sesame as the pictur.

New 1 raw sesame

Raw sesame

New 1 final sesame

Final sesame

Double air screen cleaner it can clean sesame with high performance ,After cleaning the purity will reach 99.9%

Then we need to know the Whole Structure of the double air screen cleaner Machine

It consists of low speed Bucket Elevator, Dust Catcher (cyclone), double Vertical Screen, vibration boxes and Sieve and Grain Exits .

low speed Bucket Elevator:It will load the sesame to the double air screen cleaner for cleaning

Dust Catcher (cyclone):It will remove the dust and light impurities from the sesame

Double Vertical Screen: It can clean light impurities through first vertical air screen when the final sesame outputting the second air screen when remove the light impurities for further purify .

Vibration boxes and Sieve:It can remove the bigger impurities and smaller impurities by different size of sieves , All the sieves made by Stainless steel for the good-grading use . and the sesame can be classified into big, medium and small size with different layers of sieves. This machine can separate the stone different size with sesame

New 1 Double air screen cleaner

Double air screen cleaner

·Double air screen cleaner , with double air screen , twice air separation , It can

remove the light impurity , big and small impurities to get the high purity

sesame .

· Lager sieves surface design of 1.25*2.4meter , multi-function and easy to

change sieves.

·Double air screen cleaner is suitable for material with high impurities .such as

sunflower seeds, melon seeds , buckwheat, flax seeds ,etc .

· The material can be classified into big, medium and small particles with

different layers(different size) of sieves.

· Double Air screen cleaner, excellent cleaning effect .

Now the global sesame market is getting better and better, especially the sesame market in Africa, such as Tanzania, Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia. More and more sesame is exported, but for sesame The clarity requirements of each country's customs are becoming more and more stringent. Therefore, we must continue to improve the quality of exporters’ equipment to ensure that they can live better and better in this market. We hope that more and more exporters can use our sesame cleaner for their business.

Post time: Nov-29-2021