Introduce for one completely beans processing plant .

Right now in Tanzania ,Kenya ,Sudan , There are many exporters they are using the pulses processing plant , So in this news let’s talk about what is the exactly beans processing plant .
The main function of the processing plant , It is remove the all impurities and foreigners of beans .  Before we design the plant , we need to know what impurities in the beans , Most of the there are Chaff , Shell , Dust , Small foreigners , bigger foreigners , Small stones and big stones , Clods ,and Injured beans , broken beans ,bad beans . Those are all the impurities in the raw beans .
All design will be Big Hopper – Bucket Elevator – Pre-cleaner – Destoner – Magnetic separator – Gravity separator – Grading machine -beans polisher – color sorter machine -Auto packing machine .Including the dust collector system and control cabinet for control whole plant .   Then go to exporting or next step . This is the Whole beans processing plant flow chat .
Big hopper for feeding material easier . as we known ,When the cleaning plant working we need to feeding the raw material Uninterrupted ,so we need to design according the feeding way . so need one 1.5*1.5Meter area for feeding , to keep the plant working properly .
Bucket Elevator for feeding the material to the each machine , Our bucket elevator it is low speed non broken when it working . The elevator adopts self weight unloading , low line speed, no throwing blanking , to prevent crushing,Sanding blasting and plastic spraying surface treatment .
Pre-cleaner Air screen cleaner It consists of of Bucket Elevator, Dust Catcher (cyclone), Vertical Screen, vibration Sieve grader and Grain Exits. It can clean the dust and light impurities, And clean the big and small impurities and classify the material to big ,medium and small size with different sieves
Destoner for The gravity De-stoner it can remove the stones from the different material , like sesame , beans and other grains blowing style De-stoner is to separate stone, clods by adjusting
wind pressure, amplitude and other parameters. Larger proportion material stone will sink
down and move bottom to up under the stress of vibration friction; while smaller proportion
material moves up to bottom.
Magnetic separator for removing the clods , It is to separate clods from grain. When materials pour in a closed strong magnetic field, they will form a stable parabolic movement. Due to the different strength of attraction of the magnetic field, clods and grains will be separated.
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Arrangement mit H黮senfr點hten/beans and lentils

Post time: Jan-06-2022