Why the whole pulses cleaning line it is more popular in recently years?

Now In the most agro exporters , They are using the pulses cleaning line and seeds cleaning line ,for improving the purity of the the pulses and seeds. Because the whole cleaning plant it can remove all the different impurities . Such as the chaff ,shell ,dust ,smaller impurities and smaller foreigners ,larger impurities and larger foreigners ,Clods and stones ,even bad beans , injured beans ,and broken beans and seeds , The whole processing plant it can remove all them with high
efficiency ,Usually after cleaning pulses and seeds by the pulses and seeds cleaning plant . The final product’ s purity it can reach 99.99% .

Right now in Africa , The most country like Countries such as Nigeria, Tanzania, and Sudan are exporting more and more Mung beans ,soybeans ,groundnuts, sesame seeds . Therefore, The most exporters in those countries need to have more and more professional pulses cleaning  line .  At the beginning , They only have the simple pre-cleaner for processing , Right now a beans Destoner will be added for removing the stones, and beans gravity separator machine will be added to remove the shattered particles and bad beans ,injured beans, So High purity beans  and sesame improve the exporting standard, Meanwhile their product value would be better than those without cleaning .

Therefore, the beans and seeds processing plant will be a big trend in the future. Exporters need to find a very professional company to provide professional solutions. Our company has more than ten years of experience in this field. We believe that we can be your partner after analyzing the raw materials. We can make suitable solution for you .

There are many different cleaning line . Like Beans cleaning line , sesame cleaning line . Groundnut cleaning line .and whole pulses processing line ,grains cleaning line .All seeds cleaning line . We can make the plant layout according to your warehouse size .Hebei tao bo machinery focusing on professional solution for our clients .

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Post time: Dec-27-2021