Double air screen cleaner

Short Description:

Capacity : 3-7 Tons per hour
Certification: SGS, CE, SONCAP
Supply Ability: 50 sets per month
Delivery period: 10-15 working days
Double air screen cleaner it can clean sesame with high performance, After cleaning the sesame purity will reach 99%

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Double air screen cleaner very suitable for cleaning sesame and sunflowers and chia seed, Because it can remove the dust  leaves and light impurities very well. The double air screen cleaner can clean light impurities and foreign objects by vertical air screen, Then vibrating box can remove big and small impurities and foreign objects. Meanwhile the material can be separate into big, medium and small size when though different size sieves. This machine can remove stones also, The secondary air screen can remove dust from final products again for improve the sesame purity.

Whole Structure of the Machine

It consists of Bucket Elevator, Dust collector, double Vertical air Screen, vibration box and Sieve.


● Double air screen cleaner, with double air screen, twice air screen, It can remove the dust light impurity, big and small impurities to get the high purity sesame.
● Lager sieves surface upto 1. 2*2. 4 m² -high efficient, Easy to change sieves
● Double air screen cleaner is suitable for material with high impurities. such as sunflower seeds, melon seeds, buckwheat, flax seeds, etc.
● The material can be classified into big, medium and small particles with different layers(different size) of sieves.

Cleaning result

Raw sesame

Raw sesame

Dust and light impurities

Dust and light impuritie

Smaller impurities

Smaller impurities

Big impurities

 Big impuritie

Final sesame


Details show

● Easy to operate with high performance.
● High Purity :99% purity especially for cleaning sesame
● High quality motor for seeds cleaning machine, high quality Japan bearing.
● 3-7 Ton per hour cleaning capacity for cleaning different seeds and clean grains.
● Non broken low speed bucket elevator without any damage for the seeds and grains.

Double air screen

Vibrating input box

Brand motor

 Best brand

Vibrating input box

Double air screen

Technical specifications

Name Model Size of sieves(mm) Layer Capacity (T/H) Weight(T) Oversize


Power(KW) Voltage
Double air screen 5TBDA-6 1250*2400 Three 6 1. 6 3290*2400*3400 8. 5 380V


5TBDA-7. 5 1250*2400 Four 7 1. 7 3290*2400*3400 9. 5 380V 50HZ

Questions from clients

How the cleaner machine clean sesame ?
Raw sesame enter the front-end vertical air screen through elevator or belt conveyor, The first wind selection can remove dust and light impurities according to the different proportion of impurities and materials. Then the materials enter vibration box, which can remove big and small impurities by different types sieve. Finally sesame enter the back air screen; the secondary wind selection can remove the remnant light impurities further.

What about the installation for the cleaner ?
When we load the sesame cleaner to the container, we will consider the installation work in your company, so we will make the video when we disassemble the sesame cleaner, when the sesame cleaner arrive your warehouse we will send it you, Only a few parts will be disassembled. For the machine insturction and guide we will send together with the machine, The very important it is we have the 24 hour on line support for you.

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