High reflective tape for safety clothing

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Certification: SGS, CE, SONCAP
Supply Ability: 500 000 meter month
Delivery period: 30 working days
Function : Mainly suitable for sports gloves, luggage,  labor insurance clothing (reflective clothing), and hats. , Pet clothes, etc.

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Reflective webbing consists of various reflective thermal films and various specifications and colors with additional accessories. It has high reflective strength, is very versatile, convenient and fast to use, and is mainly suitable for sports gloves, luggage, labor insurance clothing (reflective clothing), and hats. , Pet clothes, etc.

Cleaning result

reflective tape 2''&1''
reflective tape 2''&0.5'


When you need reflective tape for clothing in wholesale, trustworthy suppliers
Taobo can help you source the best quality products in a number of colors such as silver, gray, yellow, green, orange, red, rainbow, fluorescent, and much more. The best thing is you can do is select from different categories based on the reflectivity, luminescence, and customization features of the tapes.
There are two different reflective tapes for clothing available today. One is a fabric item called reflective tape made from backing fabrics like polyester, TC, cotton, aramid, and so on while the other is a reflective heat transfer vinyl (HTV) with the backing made of PES or TPU materials.
For safety and fashion both, our reflective tape for clothing can open up many innovative avenues.

Testing green type 2''

Testing sliver parts 1

Testing sliver parts 1''

 Testing green type 2


● Reflectivity: You’ll find three basic types of flame retardant reflective tapes.
● Yellow-Silver-Yellow or Red-Silver-Red: From 350 to 400 cd/lx/m²
● Fluorescent Yellow or Fluorescent Red: From 20 to 80cd/lx/m²
● Silver: From 400 to 500 cd/lx/m²
● Customizability: You can customize the size of the tape as per your wish.
● Certificates: YGM offers flame retardant reflective tapes with certifications such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100, EN ISO 20471, ANSI 107, UL, NFPA 2112, EN 469, and EN 533.
Available in a range of colors from silver-yellow-silver to red-silver-red, fluorescent colors (yellow and red), you can use the flame retardant tape on most surfaces. You can choose from 100% aramid or cotton backing fabrics with ideal flame retardancy plus heat resistance. Whether you’re picking it for fire protection in work settings or electric systems, this tape is a surefire way for protection.


● Easy to operate with high performance .
● High Purity :99.9% purity especially for cleaning sesame and mung beans
● High quality motor for seeds cleaning machine, high quality Japan bearing .
● 5-10 Ton per hour cleaning capacity for cleaning different seeds and clean grains.
● Non broken low speed slope bucket elevator without any damage for the seeds and grains.

Technical specifications

Material Polyester
Specifications Customizable
Width 1’’-2’’
Thickness 0.54 mm
Color Green Yellow red sliver
Length MOQ 10 000 meters
Packing 100 meters/roll ;10 rolls/carton

Questions from clients

Why do you need reflective tape for clothing?
When you’re looking for a reflective tape supplier from China, you need to make sure your goals are clear. Here are the many benefits you will gain from doing so:


One of the chief qualities of reflective fabric is that it’s resistant to damages borne from industrial washing. Your clients or employees can use it for a long time until the tape finally perishes. Some reflective tape products are even waterproof and dustproof, besides being resistant to hot and cold weather


Unlike most fabric, it’s easy to process reflective fabric industrially when you’re buying from a reflective tape manufacturer. You can use a knife or laser cutting machine to create specific designs too. For sew-on varieties, it’s better to use the tailoring scissors as it’s even easier.


From designing fashionable dresses for workwear to trendy trousers, tops, jumpsuits, overalls, etcetera for safety, there are many ways to use reflective tape for clothing as it’s available in a number of colors nowadays.


From the smoothness to seamlessness, it’s a versatile material that can be used on clothes and accessories to add your brand values like logo, motto, symbol, and more.

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