Sesame cleaning plant & sesame processing plant

Short Description:

Capacity : 5-10 Tons per hour
Certification: SGS, CE, SONCAP
Delivery period: 30 working days
After cleaning by the whole sesame plant, The sesame purity will reach 99.99%
The processing line can remove the impurities as dust, light impurity, leaves, shells, big impurity, small impurity, stone, sand, bad seeds and so on. The technological process is the latest technology in China.

Product Detail

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The capacity: 2000kg- 10000kg per hour
It can clean sesame seeds, beans pulses, coffee beans
The processing line include the machines as below.5TBF-10 air screen cleaner, 5TBM-5 Magnetic Separator, TBDS-10 de-stoner, 5TBG-8 gravity separator  DTY-10M II elevator, Color sorter machine and TBP-100A packing machine, Dust collector system, control system


SUITABLE: The processing line is designed according your warehouse and your demands. To match the warehouse and the technological process, the processing is designed based on the floor.

SIMPLE: it will be easy to install the processing line, convenient to operate the machines, simple to clean the warehouse, and make the full use of the space.what is more, it will save money for the buyer. We don’t want to supply some useless and expensive and not necessary platform to the customer.

CLEAN: The processing line have the dust collecting parts for every machine. It will be good for the environment of the warehouse.

Layout of sesame cleaning plant

sesame cleaning line Layout 1
sesame cleaning line Layout 2
sesame cleaning line Layout 3
sesame cleaning line Layout 4


● Easy to operate with high performance.
● Environmental cyclone duster system to protect clients warehouse.
● High quality motor for seeds cleaning machine, high quality Japan bearing.
● High Purity :99.99%  purity especially for cleaning sesame, groundnuts beans
● 2-10 Ton per hour cleaning capacity for cleaning different seeds and clean grains.

Each machine showing

Grian cleaner-1

Air screen cleaner
To remove large and small impurity, dust, leaf, and small seed etc..
As the pre-cleaner in the sesame processing line

De-stoner machine
TBDS-10 De-stoner type blowing style
Gravity destoner can remove the stones from sesame, Beans Groundnuts and Rice with high performance

Magnetic separator big

Magnetic separator 
It remove all metals or magnetic clods and soils from beans, sesame and other grains. It is very popular in Africa and Europe.

Gravity separator
Gravity separator can remove the blighted seed, budding seed, damaged seed, injured seed, rotten seed, deteriorated seed, moldy seeds from sesame, Beans Groundnuts and with high performance.

Gravity separator
color sorter

Color sorter
As an intelligent machine, can detect and remove mildewy rice, white rice, broken rice and foreign matters like glass in the raw material and classify rice based on the color.

Auto packing machine
Function :The auto packing machine used for packing the beans, grains, sesame seeds and maize and so on, From 10kg-100kg per bag, electronic controlled automatic

Packing machine

Cleaning result

Raw sesame

Raw sesame

Dust and light impurities

Dust and light impurities

Smaller impurities

Smaller impurities

Big impurities

Big impurities

Final sesame

Final sesame

Technical specifications

No. parts Power (kW) Load rate % Power consumption
Auxiliary energy remark
1 Main machine 40.75 71% 228.2 no  
2 Lift  and convey 4.5 70% 25.2 no  
3 Dust collector 22 85% 149.6 no  
4 others <3 50% 12 no  
5 total 70.25   403  

Questions from clients

Why do we need a sesame processing plant ?
As we known, In the raw sesame seeds contain a lot of impurities. Like chaff dust smaller impurities and bigger imourities, and stones and clods and so on, If only use one single and simple cleaning machine, it cannot remove all the dust and impurities  So now we need to use the professional cleaning line for remove all the different impurities and dust, stones, clods and so on
In Ethiopia, basically every big sesame exporter will use a sesame processing line to clean sesame seeds, so that their sesame purity will reach more than 99.99 %. The value of their sesame seeds in the market will be higher than that of other countries. Now Pakistan has more and more requirements for sesame production lines.
We are looking for working together with you, and we trust our sesame cleaning line will give more value on your sesame cleaning.

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